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Morgan Watches MCU: Ironman and Ironman 2

Yes, I know, I run a book blog, not titled themoviewyrm, but I want to try something a little different anyway. I’ve actually not seen most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Shocking, I know. I’ll hand in my nerd card. I’ve seen several of them; all of phase 1 and a handful of some of the later ones, but mostly I feel like I live under a rock where these movies are concerned. I’ve also started to hear a lot more critique about these movies and the messages they’re sending, which actually makes me kind of curious to view them under a slightly more critical lens. Therefore I decided to watch all the ones available on streaming, in release order, and blog about my impressions.

This is going to contain explicit spoilers of all the movies so if you haven’t seen them and want to do so uns...

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