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SFBO 2019 Review: Never Die by Rob J Hayes

Cover art for Never Die by Rob Hayes

Hello friends, it’s almost a new year and that means a whole new crop of SPFBO top 10 finalists have been, well, finalized. I had so much fun reviewing the 10 finalists last year so I thought this year I’d do it again. Again usual disclaimer that I am not affiliated with the contest, and my review will have no bearing on the contest’s outcome.

Never Die is gained its fair share of buzz and popularity earlier this year, partially but not exclusively because it’s the next project by a previous SPFBO winner. The cover also won this year’s SPFBO cover art contest, which goes to show sometimes you can judge a book by its cover (heh, bet you never heard that one before).

The story begins when swordswoman Itami Cho dies in an attempt to saveĀ  a city from violent bandits...

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