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Morgan Reviews Romance: An End to Summer by Diana Rose Wilson

I should open this with the disclaimer that I do not normally review romance. I love sci-fi and fantasy novels with romance in them. Sometimes, I’ll read Romance-with-a-capital-R, under the covers, where no one can see. But it’s not something I usually mark as read on Goodreads, much less write a full review.

At this point I must ask myself if I am biased against romance as a genre. A lot of the romance I have read has fallen solidly in the category of badly-written-but-hot. But is that really any reason to dismiss it?

I stumbled upon this book on the “read now” section on Netgalley, and the description seemed so specifically my  sort of thing, I really had to grab it. And in fact, I found it both hot and well-written...

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Review: The Days of Tao by Wesley Chu

This is a novella starring the son of the main protagonists from Chu’s Tao trilogy. If you haven’t read that trilogy, you probably won’t get as much enjoyment out of this story, but it does still function well-enough as a standalone.


Since the earliest days of our evolution, humanity has been guided and sometimes controlled by a race of alien brain parasites. After millions of years, it only makes sense that the aliens would begin to differ in their ideas of the direction humanity should go. Now, in the not-too-distant future, the alien secret is out in the open, and the war between the factions is about to come to a head.

Cameron Tan, son of the faction leaders, host to the alien Tao, and Ordinary College Student, just wants to enjoy his summer studying abroad in Greece...

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Review: Skyfarer by Joseph Brassey

Perhaps I am biased, since I’m working on an airships and floaty-hovery fantasy story of my own, but I do wish there were more worlds like this in fantasy literature. I’ve seen them a lot in video games, but in books they are few and far between. I quite enjoyed this one. If you’re looking for deeply intellectual literature, you might want to look elsewhere. But if you’re after a fun, feelgood adventure romp, this is the book for you.


Aimee De Laurent comes from a wealthy, privileged upbringing, but dreams of adventure in the skies. When she’s offered a position as an apprentice portal mage on the skyship Elysium, she all but salivates at the opportunity. However, she quickly finds out that there’s more to adventure than glory and excitement, and more to the Elysium than meets the...

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Review: The Fire Eye Refugee by Samuel Gately


I will be the first to admit that this was a shameless case of judging a book by its cover. I mean, look at it! It first came to my attention as a contender for the 2018 SPFBO cover contest, so when the book went on sale for Kindle, I knew I had to pick it up.

The Plot

Facing genocide at the hands of the bloodthirsty Winden, the Farrow people seek refuge in Celest, capitol city of the Gol. The Gol are historically isolationist, but many among them take sympathy on the Farrow’s plight. Others, however, would prefer to be rid of the Farrow interlopers, by any means necessary.

Recovering-pyromaniac Kay is a mixed-race half-Farrow, half Gol who works in Celest as a finder of lost children...

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